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Adrian Cene

Born February 19, 1969 in the Albanian capital Tirana Adrian Cene became interested in painting at the age of ten. In 1991 he spent the summer in Italy, where his remarkable talent attracted the attention of European collectors. Returning to Albania, young Cene continued the rigorous program at the High School for Painting and completed his academic fine art training at the Albanian Art Academy, graduating in 1992.

Soon thereafter, the artist began to captivate not just the Albanian public, but the many foreign dignitaries and embassy personnel working and traveling there. he participated in numerous exhibitions organized by private Albanian galleries as well as the State Gallery of Art. Building on these accomplishments, Cene participated aboard in exhibitions of Albanian contemporary art. His paintings sold out in Italy, Belgium, France, and Greece.

Adrian Cene is one of the most talented and representative contemporary Albanian painters. He strikes the public with a very personal commanding style using bold, expressive forms and color palette. Remaining at the same time optimistic, Cene paints as if he wants to give solutions to the very difficult and aggressive Albanian transition after the fall of Communism. His art has a very immediate effect in managing to succeed and convince in giving this positive message, while never losing his powerful approach.

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