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Anna Tcharina

Anna Tcharina was born in 1975 in Moscow. In 1998 – she graduated from the artistic department of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (a unique specialized higher school, which trains experts for publishing houses, print shops, book-selling) with “summa cum laude”. Her skills were noted, and soon proven by a stellar artistic decade of work spanning continents.
Most of her works are dedicated to the nostalgic hidden places of Moscow, its old buildings, old lanes and courtyards.

Named the most popular contemporary artist in Moscow in 2012, she has developed her own style: soft and pensive, akin to the impression produced by looking through a rainy window.

Anna believes that there is a time to celebrate our blossoming in life…to get excited about finally opening ourselves up to the beauty in the world. In her paintings, Anna uses her own variety of applications of the impression of natural diffusion of light that water droplets create as they wind their way through the surface, drawn by gravity and love. Their intractable pathways remind us of the life that exists mysteriously within nature, which tickles our senses and perplexes us with the final frontiers of mystery. Her lyrical paintings convey a sense of hope, re-birth and dream of a bright future.

Anna is a philosopher-artist, but her philosophy has not been set in words, but cast in the magic of fine art virtuosity.

Anna is a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists (since 1997), Professional Union of Artists (since 1999), and International Arts Fund (since 2005). Her works adorn numerous public and private collections and exhibitions worldwide.

Anna is represented exclusively in the United States by Gallery on Fifth.

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