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Eva Konya

Éva Kónya was born 1963 in Hungary. She started to study graphic design in Budapest at the University of Fine Arts and in Hamburg at the Art School Alsterdamm to obtain a master‘s degree in Graphic Design. Since 2006 Eva lives and works in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

“Through my artistic work and my art pieces, I want to inspire you and anyone else to feel an expansion of your energy, and to open up to feel relief and more happiness, fun, and enjoyment in life. For the new “Infinite” painting series, I used acrylic paint, color-changing iridescent paints, enamel and epoxy resin on canvas. The constellations as seen from planet Earth inspire the magical coloring of the paintings as I transfer their energy patterns onto canvas. A characteristic of these images are the symbols and ancient language characters that I layer on top of one another multiple times to tell of the infinity of being and the unending Universe. The color-changing paint enhances the mysterious. The peculiar colors become visible to the eyes through the epoxy and present new enjoyable moments only when seen with certain lighting and at the right viewing angle.”

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