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Inna Chupina

Inna Chupina was born into a family of geologists in the South Western part of Russian Siberia. From early childhood, romanticism of scientific expeditions and the beauty of Siberian nature surrounded her. Inna graduated from one of the most prestigious art schools of the region in the mid-90-s and began working in graphic design and jewelry making, participating in multiple projects and exhibitions. She headed an art project on behalf of the Siberian division of Science that was later presented to the Russian President.

In 2004, Inna relocated to the USA. Moving away from home and traditional oil and pastels she developed a new technique of painting with pigmented polymers on stone, glass, canvas and wood.  Stained glass look of her newly developed works slightly resembles warm and earthy collages made of natural stones that her parents used to bring back from their geological expeditions. Natural beauty of minerals has always been Inna’s main inspiration. 

Liquid Mosaic – a unique painting technique

From the first glance, it looks like stained glass or mosaic. This interesting effect was achieved by applying a unique technique of spreading liquid pigmented polymers over a surface of choice with spatulas, sticks and needles. A transparent two-part polymer is mixed with pigments like Cobalt, Copper, Silver, Indigo or various fine powders and cures after being spread to desired shapes. After 20-30 hours, another layer is laid over if necessary. Once a piece is finished, it can withstand water, moderate mechanical stress, and heat and UV rays. These pigmented polymers solidify and adhere to many kinds of surfaces – stone, brick, glass, canvas, wood and so on. It makes this unique technique very flexible and opens up a wide variety of different choices.

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