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Jeanne La Patrice


The unusual collaboration of three artists has combined imagination, creativity and talent to create a single artist identity, Jeanne La Patrice. Each unique, signed and copyrighted piece of art is sold exclusively to private collectors with a certificate of authenticity. The art is now featured in two collections: “Abstract Transitionalism™” and Torso Expressions.



For over twenty years, Jeanne Hamilton was the Congressional Research Service’s contract manager for graphic arts projects for the U.S. Congress. Her personal art background is in silk screening and photography. Her work has appeared in numerous DC area juried art shows.


Laurel Ann Rosen majored in art at Kent State University. She taught special needs children expression through artistic design. Her art has appeared in art shows from Florida to Michigan. She is recognized for her ability to create in a wide variety of art media.


Patricia Santucci, MD, is a psychiatrist who has lectured extensively on body image issues and the historical perspective of body image as seen thru art. She assisted in the establishment of nationwide prevention programs to promote a healthy body image and also developed therapeutic programs using various art interventions to assist those with body image issues.

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