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Alexander Fyedorov

Modern impressionist Alexander Fyedorov has a special affinity for flowers. Take a glance at his bouquets: they are airy, almost ephemeral, and yet confident and joyful. Every flower has a personality – naïve, or sophisticated, bold, or timid – they are all vibrant and life-assuring. The artist creates them to bring joy and happiness to our homes and to give us part of his generous heart.

Alexander’s art is highly appreciated in Russia and abroad. He was awarded a title of Honorable Artist of Chuvashia, member of Russian Artist. Union. His paintings are permanently exhibited at the State Chuvash Museum of Art.

Alexander is present on the Naples art scene since 2015 and represented exclusively by the most prominent international art gallery East West Fine Art. Since that time his art has been introduced to many Naples art connoisseurs.

Born on October 28, 1965.
Graduated from the Cheboksary Art College, the faculty of graphic arts at the Chuvash State Pedagogical Institute named after I.Ya. Yakovleva.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic. Honorary Member of the UNESCO-Europe-Asia International Humanitarian Academy.
Scholarship holder of the Cultural Fund of the President of Russia V.V. Putin.
Participation in foreign (Switzerland. Germany), All-Russian (Moscow, N. Novgorod),
Regional exhibitions.
Personal exhibitions (Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow)
Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts 2013
Foreign exhibitions:
Hamburg 1995
Switzerland, Basel, San Bernardino 2002
Switzerland, Ascona 2003
Switzerland, Zurich 2003

All-Russian exhibitions:
“Artists of Russia – Nizhny Novgorod Fair” Nizhny Novgorod 1996
“Russia 9 ”Moscow 1999
“ Russia 10 ”Moscow 2004
“ Golden Brush ”Moscow Central House of Artists 2006“ Russia 11 ”Moscow 2009

Regional exhibitions:
“Big Volga – VII” Kazan, 1991
“Big Volga – VIII” N.Novgorod 1998
“Green Noise”, cities of the region “Big Volga” 2002-2003.
“Big Volga IX”, N. Novgorod, 2003
“Big Volga” – the art of the Volga republics, Saransk 2004,
“The Golden Palette”, Saransk 2007
“Unity”, N. Novgorod, 2007
“Big Volga-X, 2008, Cheboksary-Samara
“ AvtoVAZbank ”, Cheboksary, 2001
“ New Orleans Jazz ”, N. Novgorod, gallery“ Artists of the Volga Region ”2002
“ Gazprombank ”N.Novgorod 2004
“ Fuel and Energy Company ”N.Novgorod 2004
“ Lukoil-Volga-Petroleum ”N.Novgorod 2004
“ Sberbank ”, main office, N.Novgorod 2004.
“Lingua Center” N.Novgorod 2004.
“Russian-Swedish company“ Glavverbel ”N.Novgorod 2005.
“ Mitsubishi Center ”N.Novgorod 2005 .
“Hotel Radison Slavyanskaya”, Moscow, 2007
, Novocheboksarsk, 2007
“Federation Council” Moscow 2008 Academy of Arts Moscow 2013 Yaroslavl-2014. Ivanovo 2014.
“The color moves and the line can be called the musical beginning of the painting, while the development of the plot and the subject composition are its poetic beginning.”

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