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Husan Kasimov

Born in Uzbekistan, Husan Kasimov showed the talent for painting very early in his life. Coming from Central Asia with its exotic nature, ancient culture and rich traditions he developed a truly unique sense of color and composition.

He often incorporates in his works authentic local objects: antique jars and ceramic vases, tropical fruits and vegetables – objects that are used widely in every day life by the people of that region.

He takes an ordinary object out of the ordinary life and brings it to the level of the Fine Art, masterfully transforming it into something extraordinary in its beauty and form. Putting all objects on his canvas in the perfect balance and harmony with each other.

Husan Kasimov studied at Tashkent School of Art and continued his education in one of the most prestigious Russian art schools: Surikof Art Academy in Moscow.

Husan Kasimov has won the appreciation in many European countries, having numerous exhibitions of his works in Moscow, Istanbul (Turkey), Holland and Germany.

In the USA Husan Kasimov is exclusively represented by the Atlantis Fine Art in Naples, Florida. His works are energetic and multifaceted: sometimes dreamy and poetic, sometimes realistic and vibrant. His works always offer exceptional elegance, beauty, and the high academic quality which reflects not only the artist’s highest level of technique but also his exotic Eastern background.

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