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Jeremy Jones Art Tables

To create, by definition, means to cause to come into being; to bring life into something unique that would not naturally evolve.

This is what you see in Jeremy Jones’ designs. The juxtaposition of luxury and natural elements. Smooth, cool steel and colorful layers of agate. The unique iridescence of mica with reclaimed wood. Each piece is as unique as the artist who created it.

Jones’ devotion to art began as a child, observing his family as they took ordinary things and made them extraordinary. He would watch with awe as his father drew cartoons or assisted his mother or aunt in finishing a home project. He was instantly hooked on the gratification art provided.

Jones followed his passion which lead him to study advanced art technique and architectural drafting. His craft afforded him many opportunities, most importantly studying painting with world-renowned artist Jonathan Greene and working alongside photographer Tim Stamm.

With experience ranging from graphic and product design for a leader in the water sport industry, to painting intricate murals in client’s homes, Jones brings his unique vision to each project he takes on.

His most recent work, at 7th Avenue Social in Naples, Florida, has been featured in several design magazines. Jones was able to pull his vast design skill set together with unique multimedia graphics, large art pieces, furniture, and bar design.

His appreciation for modern and industrial aesthetics is seen throughout most of his work, however, there is a natural element to his pieces that warms them in a way that they appeal to many design forms.

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