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Yuri Nikolaev

Yuri was born in 1964, in Penza – the land of the genuine Russian traditions, the birthplace of numerous Russian talents in all fields and especially – in art. He graduated from Penza Art Academy in 1991 and since 1996, has been participating in the regional and national exhibitions.

Still life is definitely Yuri’s favorite genre. It is the subject matter that makes many of his paintings unusual and attracts constant attention and discussions: lobster, crawling out of the creek; fire pit with glistering embers and charcoaled pieces of wood; speckled hen peeping from behind an old and worn-out basket and… his favorite dandelions – not in the bloom, but weathered and matured, but still fluffy and cheerful.

Yuri’s works are in galleries and private collections in Russia, USA, Japan, France, Slovenia, Italy, South Korea, England, Spain, Germany and other countries.

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