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Anatoly Kakalov

Anatoly Kakalov is a real monumentalist. His “larger than life” paintings are spacious and serene. He likes to paint female figures: relaxed, in beautiful poses. His color palette is soft. He creates a composition so perfectly balanced that the eyes never tire looking at his painting, finding more and more subtle details and nuances.

A graduate of Stavropol Art College and Stavropol Pedagogical University, Anatoly was born (1966) and raised in Crimea, an ancient and heroic land of magnificent beauty.

Crimea has always been removed from the turmoil of the center: first Byzantine Empire, then the Russian Empire. Living on the periphery, Crimean artists developed their own vision of the world – full of harmony and wisdom. This harmony, originating largely in the strong connections to nature is evident in Anatoly’s paintings.


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