In addition to bringing to the US some of the finest and rarest paintings from the Eastern Hemisphere, East West Fine Art organizes various cultural events, engaging the community in an informal educational process. Olga and Leeza have prepared an exciting program for the season of exhibitions, live artist shows, and interactive presentations on Russian art and culture.

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Urban Flair

Location: Mercato 9118 Strada Place #8130

05/15/2024 - 05/29/2024

Urban Flair exhibit of colorful collage-like depictions of the most beautiful cities of the world by Victor Colesnicenco.

Excerpt from interview with the artist in North Naples News, April 2022 edition.

LA: Most of your artworks are paintings of various cities: large and small, American, and European. You make them look warm and cozy and somewhat romantic. Why does this theme attract you?

VC: I am trying to run from reality, chaos cities, places and to make my own imaginary, dream city and romantic places. I am willing to see happiness in my plot staging.

LA: Your paintings are filled with nostalgia for the lifestyle of 50’s and 60’s. What do you like about this era?

VC: I like to be in this time of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s- it was the most romantic time. I was inspired by watching these movies and I wish I could live in this era, to live a simple life in renaissance time after the second world war.

If Birds Could Talk

Location: Mercato 9118 Strada Place #8130

06/01/2024 - 06/15/2024

Artists Oleg Kalaytanov, Tatiana Rezvaya, and Una Noa will showcase their avian creations from June 1-15

Artists have long been inspired by birds and their magical ways. Of course, their most distinguishing characteristic is that they can fly. However, if they could talk or write, they might regale us with tales of their travels and adventures.

Perhaps the best interpretation of the beauty of birds—large and small, common and rare—is found within art, whether paintings, prints, or photography. In an exhibition fittingly titled “If Birds Could Talk,” four artists will showcase their avian creations at East West Fine Art in Mercato from June 1-15

Crème Brule and Champagne – Vistas of French Cities and Country Side exhibit of two renowned French artists Laurent Parcelier and Herve Lenouvel.

mom walking with child

Location: Mercato 9118 Strada Place #8130

08/06/2024 - 08/27/2024

Who doesn’t love French food and the French countryside? Laurent Parcelier’s quaint corner cafes and sun-dappled French maisons enchant with their serene and joyful beauty. Meanwhile Herve Lenouvel’s gem-colored mountains and forests of the rugged Brittany and Northern France stun with their powerful majesty.