In addition to bringing to the US some of the finest and rarest paintings from the Eastern Hemisphere, East West Fine Art organizes various cultural events, engaging the community in an informal educational process. Olga and Leeza have prepared an exciting program for the season of exhibitions, live artist shows, and interactive presentations on Russian art and culture.

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A Night of Russian Fortune telling and exhibition of Surrealist and Absurdist paintings by Michael Cheval.

girl playing with train

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5130

12/09/2021 - 12/29/2021

Please join us at East West Fine Art for a night of celebrations and Russian fortune telling. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Michael Cheval’s art, while discovering what the future year will bring. Reception Dec. 9, 6:00-8:00pm

Michael Cheval’s artwork will set the tone for our enchanted evening. Cheval is one of the most striking surrealists and absurdists of our time. Not only are the paintings populated with mythical characters, but a magic soaks every inch of canvas. Cheval’s artwork conjures visions of supernatural spheres, doorways into parallel realities, secrets revealed….

We are celebrating during December, because winter in Russia is the most magical and joyful time, full of hopes and expectations. The ancient belief goes that unearthly powers and spirits become available for contact during this time. Ancestors used this opportunity to foretell the future by interpreting secret signs. Now mostly played for fun, these rituals and games, led by our Fortune Teller Regina will entice and amaze our guests.

“Frozen Moments” exhibit of gravity-defying resin-glass sculptures by the ever inventive Annalu

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5130

01/03/2022 - 01/17/2022

Fresh, changeable and direct, Annalu’s art knows how to touch the spectator’s inner chords provoking the deepest sensations and recalling ancestral emotions.

The major focus of her works is on the theme of water, primeval central element of life. Water is the origin of all things: everything is made of water and everything returns to water.

In the works of the Artist there is a sense of metamorphosis, in pas­sing, of evolution as a sort of journey between different states, between different realities, a spirit of inquiry that shares some typical aspects of the science of alchemy.

Annalu is capable of assembling in­congruent elements such as resins and paper, bark and fiberglass, bi­tumen and sand, cement and roots, to create new realities, suspended worlds where alchemy is lightness.

My Zina! My Muse! My Enigma! exhibit of modern figurative paintings by Georgy Kurasov.

Egyptian woman with ibis

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5130

02/24/2022 - 03/19/2022

Georgy Kurasov is an artist of striking individuality in both his thought patterns and his painting and sculpture style. Intricate, sensual, and executed with mathematical precision, his works transport the viewer into his perfect fantasy world.
Georgy and Zina met in their teenage years and since that time never parted. This beautiful love story has lasted for over a quarter of a century. Unusually beautiful Zina is not only Georgy’s muse, but a dream-model. He paints only Zina, he is inspired only by her, he dedicates to her his mortal existence and his immortal art.

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5130

03/20/2022 - 04/08/2022

Beloved artist Joanne Rafferty creates multidimensional abstract mixed-media paintings from a multitude of seemingly incongruous materials. Her richly embellished canvases are abstract, but resemble the ocean, lagoons, horizons… creating an intriguing and soothing landscape.

Crème Brule and Champagne – Vistas of French Cities and Country Side exhibit of two renowned French artists Laurent Parcelier and Herve Lenouvel

abstract mountains

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5130

04/11/2022 - 04/25/2022

Who doesn’t love French food and the French country side? Laurent Parcelier’s quaint corner cafes and sun-dappled French maisons enchant with their serene and joyful beauty. Meanwhile Herve Lenouvel’s gem-colored mountains and forests of the rugged Brittany and Northern France stun with their powerful majesty.

Urban Flair exhibit of colorful collage-like depictions of the most beautiful cities of the world by Victor Colesnicenco.

retro beach front with boats cars

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5130

05/17/2022 - 05/31/2022

“People were asking for more contemporary art in 2005 and I had to find a new approach, something unique,” Victor Colesnicenco said. It was in a dream that he was inspired to create mixed media and collage cityscapes. He had been doing some traveling to New York, Chicago and other cities so those trips provided the direction for this urban art. The paintings sold right away. He describes it as “an energy boost.” Dealers from the UK started to work with him as well. Sold-out shows followed. “I’ve got a very good imagination,” he said. “Future paintings are in my head.” For this naturally gifted artist who didn’t like the more traditional and conservative approach to art instruction, he says he can now fly like a bird and be free. -Spotlight Magazine, Kathy O’Flynn