In addition to bringing to the US some of the finest and rarest paintings from the Eastern Hemisphere, East West Fine Art organizes various cultural events, engaging the community in an informal educational process. Olga and Leeza have prepared an exciting program for the season of exhibitions, live artist shows, and interactive presentations on Russian art and culture.

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Fragmented Realities exhibit of abstract acrylic wall sculptures by Juan Gerstl and Ryan Coleman.

04/11/2023 - 04/25/2023

Spanish sculptor Juan Gerstl works with novel materials: laser etched aluminum and printed acrylic, layering thin intricate sheets into eye-catching geometric patterns.

“I consider the harmony of every piece I create. My creative journey oscillates from a tranquil dream to a sharp mathematical reality that is born as an optical illusion to the spectator.”

Ryan Coleman’s work combines gestural drawing and painting with carefully rendered elements inspired by classic comics and animation. Intertwining bold shapes, scribbled gestures, and vivid color schemes, he reimagines entirely new compositions in his own distinctive form. Coleman specializes in large-scale custom murals in addition to studio work including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Paint the Town with Joy!

05/17/2023 - 06/17/2023

We Neapolitans love our town and are proud that it continues to be recognized as the happiest city in America. Naples is growing and becoming more beautiful and sophisticated every year.

It is the perfect time for a biographer to come along, who depicts Naples’s life in the same joyful manner and happy perspective as all the citizens of Naples.

And this biographer has recently arrived – her name is Joy Stanley, and she is an artist. Many people come to the gallery and admire the places of Naples that they love, painted in “whim-storical” manner, as Joy calls it – history meets whimsy.

Naples Favorite Jersey Girl exhibit by Joanne Rafferty.  

Location: Mercato 9115 Strada Place, #5155

06/18/2023 - 07/18/2023

Beloved artist Joanne Rafferty creates multidimensional abstract mixed-media paintings from a multitude of seemingly incongruous materials. Her richly embellished canvases are abstract, but resemble the ocean, lagoons, horizons… creating an intriguing and soothing landscape.