Art Education


East West Fine Art houses an extensive collection of literature on Russian and American artwork of the 19th and 20th centuries that are available to visitors.

The Gallery in Mercato places a special emphasis on education, as it is the home of our non-profit: the Russian American Museum of Art – RAMA

RAMA’s primary goal is education. RAMA uses the experience of the existing art organization in Naples, South West Florida, other states of the US and Russia in using fine art as a powerful tool for cultural,  intellectual and moral development.

Our mission is to elevate the role of art and culture beyond a mere decoration and entertainment and to stress the importance of its social message. RAMA’s cultural events are designed to draw attention to some crucial moments in human history and to show the public  the infinite cultural diversity of the world.

We understand that fine art plays ultimately important role in character building for young people. That’s why RAMA regularly hosts educational exhibitions of historical and contemporary fine art, complimenting them with panel discussion, lectures, classical music and dance performances – to deepen the experience of our guests and to encourage them to learn more.

RAMA’s cultural events are free of charge and welcome public of all backgrounds and ages. We regularly publish catalogues and books on our exhibitions and shows. They are on display and available for purchase.

Gallery Books

We created several books on the artists that we represent at East West Fine Art, as well as our Russian-American Museum of Art. Books are available on this site in pdf form, and also in print for purchase.

1) Russian American Museum of Art
As co-owners of East West Fine Art – galleries specializing in Russian and Eastern European art in Naples, we have been committed members of the local business and artistic communities for more than a decade. While continuing our work at the Gallery, we propose the foundation of a new art institution in South West Florida – the Russian American Museum of Art (RAMA).

You can purchase this book here.

2) Art for Interior Design
You can purchase this book here.

3) Mikhail Shapovalenko
You can purchase this book here.

4) Julia Kostsova
You can purchase this book here.

5) Rescued from the Flames
Booklet from the exhibition of Ukrainian Socialist Realist art from the collection of Rose Brady and Jurii Maniichuk.