Art Gallery Services

Art Consultation

We’re here to help you at any level with the selection, placement and installation of artwork.

Artwork selection – buy what you love.

  • The artwork you purchase will hopefully be with you for a large part of your life. Artwork is truly something that you purchase just for yourself, and it should enhance your home and add to your quality of life for years to come.
  • We suggest that you spend time researching art you enjoy and individual artists instead of adhering to the latest art trends or styles. Popularity does not mean an artist will go up in price, and you may fall out of love with the piece of art because it was simply “trendy”.
  • There is no “correct” way to collect art. Each collector has their own method of purchasing art, and it can range from: buying several pieces of art at one time, purchasing one piece once in a while, commissioning a favorite artist to create a special piece, etc. Find the style of collecting that best works with your lifestyle and personality and adhere to it.

Interior design and art placement.

  • Our team has extensive experience in interior design. We can assist you in placement of new artwork, and advise on reorganizing existing artwork in the home.
  • Our experts will listen and accommodate your requests to either highlight a certain piece of art, to create an overall flow within the home with artwork, and other art related inquiries you may have.

Artwork installation.

  • We are happy to offer complimentary delivery and installation services for much of our artwork.
  • Our trusted, experiences partners offer white-glove service while delivering and installing large or fragile pieces.
  • The safety of artwork handling, respect for your time and for your home is always our priority. We want you to have the artwork on your walls as quickly as possible, so you may begin enjoying it!

Commissioned Artwork and Reproductions

When you fall in love with an artist’s work, you can commission the artist to create a work especially for you.

Our artists can create a piece of a custom size, or theme. Different takes on a present them can be done, or something completely new.

The step-by-step process is easy, and the gallery offers full guidance and guarantees.

We have agreements with a number of our artists to create limited reproductions. These reproductions can be customized by size. Some are enhanced and re-touched by the artists themselves.


Most paintings are not complete without a frame that offers a contemporary touch and enhances the over appearance of the masterpiece.

Our consultants will hep you select the perfect frame, with framing samples on location.

Our framing partners complete the framing of your artwork in a professional, economical, and speedy way. Our framing prices are lower and the turn-around times much faster than other local framing establishments.

We are happy to frame a piece of artwork purchased in our gallery, or can re-frame your existing artwork.

Corporate Collections

With 10 years of experience developing art collections for major corporate clients, we have the knowledge and the extensive resources to provide artwork that is consistent with your corporate image and works within your budget.