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Alexander Dimitrov

Alexander Dimitrov was born 1969 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Dimitrov belongs to that transitional phase between Communism and Capitalism in Bulgaria when national survival was at stake through massive social changes that rocked his country to which he is deeply beholden. Perhaps, his mind’s eye was awakened by this period of change that marked his ascent into a definite style. His “art of bronze” color evokes Levantine-Orthodox Christian/Byzantine influences, which in his art aim to depict human tragedy or its kernel and the hope for divine redemption (often symbolized by a little bird or the extended arm) in his unearthly color scheme. There is a religious element to his vision of the world as his paintings offer a window into his spectrum of inner movement of a single idea. Dimitrov is definitely in a world of his own as his motivational abstract paintings vouch for us.

He is a world-renowned artist with his shows and exhibitions held in Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Japan.

1983-1988 Special High School of Fine Art “Tsanko Lavrenov”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
1991 – 1996 National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria ‘Nikolai Pavlovich’.
Master of arts in the class of Academician Svetlin Roussev, prof. Desislava Mintcheva, prof. Ivailo Mirtchev.


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