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Andrew Roberts-Gray

Andrew Roberts-Gray is an artist whose layered work references a number of discreet cultural traditions including science fiction, the history of the painted landscape, and the development of the thinking machine.


“Memory” is a part of a new set of works on canvas. Part of the alchemy of these works is putting different traditions together, Asian painting traditions and the evolution of a technology. 


They offer the viewer a tapestry of human experience and visual beauty to be explored. The contrast and integration of the abstract geometry and organic brushwork functions in a similar way to the contrast of the Asian painting tradition and the evolution of a technology. 


These pieces began with screen-printing and hand-painted patterns from the evolution of the computer. Documents and schematics referenced include the first computer program (circa 1840) created by Ada Lovelace, the Von Neumann architecture (1938-40), and a tiny portion of the 80186 Intel processor diagram, (1981).

These paintings have a binary read in the sense that when you initially look at them, they will appear related to the visual language of the Japanese Woodblock Print with its layers, color relationships, and black work. Then one becomes aware of the patterning and dense working of the surface with its wholly different language from the image.


Roberts-Gray’s studio is located at SAW, (Studio for Arts and Works) in Carbondale, Colorado. He enjoys the art mentoring process as well as collaborating with other artists. His studio work involves practicing brushwork, material experimentation, printmaking, the metamorphosis of mistakes, and research.

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