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Fresh, changeable and direct, the art works of Annalu know how to touch the spectator’s inner chords provoking the deepest sensations and recalling ancestral emotions.

Annalu was born in San Donà del Piave in 1976. Despite of her young age, her artistic experience is vast and deep. The major focus of her works is on the theme of water, primeval central element of life. Water is the origin of all things: everything is made of water and everything returns to water, as the Greek philosopher Thales believed.

Vehicle of energy, a receptacle of vitality, fluid, and a support of the becoming, water remains a symbol of purification, regeneration and rebirth, the basic element of the universe.

In the works of the Artist there is a sense of metamorphosis, in pas­sing, of evolution as a sort of journey between different states, between different realities, a spirit of inquiry that shares some typical aspects of the science of alchemy.

An artist disciple of metamorphosis intent to penetrate the mysteries of creation, capable of assembling in­congruent elements such as resins and paper, bark and fiberglass, bi­tumen and sand, cement and roots, to create new realities, suspended worlds where alchemy is lightness.

The route proposed by the artist is an invitation to reflect and contextually, a moment of abstraction constantly moving among thin suggestions in balance between reality and fantasy where Art is the protagonist.

-Pamela Prizzon, art critic.

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