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Dmitri Dobrovolski

Dmitri Dobrovolski was born in 1968 in Kyiv, Ukraine. He graduated from The College of Art and Design in 1988, and from the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1994. Dobrovolski is a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists. Since graduation, he has participated in numerous Ukrainian and international exhibitions.

His paintings are presented in private and museum collections in Ukraine, UK, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Russia and Estonia, just to name a few. Traveling is an essential part of Dmitri Dobrovolski’s search for inspiration. Each new place gives him new ideas, new colors, new shapes, new moods and a different outlook.

One could not resist but compare Dmitri’s painting with stain glass windows: bright, vibrant, glowing – almost translucent. His defined style earned him a reputation of one of the most original artist in Europe. He creates his images: flowers, buildings, gardens like putting them together from the pieces of mosaic; and yet there is nothing static about his works.

They are alive, moving and sparkling under the sun, or glowing under the moon, quivering with the wind… It looks like they hold a mystery, which draws your eyes back to the canvas repeatedly. It is the simplicity with which Dmitri arranges the complex landscapes or seascapes: colors and shapes, breaking them into geometrical bits and pieces, and overall joyfulness that his works exude. Every painting is like an oasis where one keeps coming to regain the energy.

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