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Irina Nogina

Irina is a young, but truly accomplished artist. She is well-recognized and admired all over Russia and Europe. Irina was born in ancient city of Orel – famous for its rich history, heroic people, and generous southern nature.

Nature and dreams of nature – the source of inspiration for Irina. Somebody said that flowers are the eyes of nature. A graduate of Orel Art College, Irina Nogina, from the beginning of her artistic career, recognized that her special gift is the ability to talk to flowers and interpret their language.

Irina is capable of transferring to the canvas the most intimate message that each flower is sending to us. And this message is beauty and love. Irina’s most successful personal exhibitions were dedicated to flowers, such as her recent regional exhibition Saga of the Flowers. She often populates her flower portrait with flying creatures like dragonflies or tiny birds. Irina says that they are symbols of the human soul – that’s how the flowers communicate with us. Irina doesn’t like to talk much about her paintings, saying that real art speaks for itself.

Irina’s style is reminiscent of the late Art Nouveau. Alphonse Mucha, a father of this style in painting. Alphonse Mucha was the one who widely used flowing lines, mysterious ornaments, naturals color palette. This style captivated the whole Europe at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th centuries. The main idea of this style is to live in the harmony with nature.

It’s all started with the influence of Japanese art, when in 1856, French artist Felix Brachman was charmed with the images in the boxes of the Japanese tea. Unfamiliar landscapes, exquisite women, cult of the sun… All this inspired the artist to create absolutely new paintings, with the dominance of soft, flowing lines, and natural colors.

In 1890, in England, the whole new movement, dedicated to ornament, started. Various schools were formed, exploring the new style, or Art Nouveau.

Irina added her own touch of mystique and the use of contemporary techniques to the new art style, style of Art Nouveau.

Through the years, Naples Art Museum (Artis Naples) exhibited number of prominent American and European Artists, favoring Art Nouveau style.

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