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Mauro Bonaventura

Mauro Bonaventura was born in Venice in 1965. At 18 he graduated with a diploma in electronics. In his search for a job, fate and providence gave him an opportunity to become an apprentice in the age old tradition of Venetian glassblowing.

Right from the start, he fell in love and was mesmerized with the incandescent quality of glass. His career began with learning the techniques of glassblowing and glass decoration and to date he still remains in the glassmaker’s trade.

It was a turning point for Mauro in 1992 when he was fortunate to be invited by a glass maestro to observe him in lampworking. A new passion struck Mauro when he realized this technique enabled him to explore a new and exciting way of working with glass on a closer and more intimate level. After months of evening observation and practice with the maestro Mauro Bonaventura decided it was time to leave the glass factory and concentrate and channel all his energies on the technique of lampworking. He set up his own studio to become a full time independent artist.

In order to make ends meet, he was involved in typical Venetian production pieces of glass animals, rings, pendants and other objects. However, Mauro had an urgent need to satisfy his creative pursuits in the field of sculpturing work. In order to achieve this aim, he enrolled in the “Liceo” in Venice which specializes in Art subjects. After attending four successive years of evening classes in drawing, sculpture, painting and anatomy, Mauro received his diploma in 2003.

In the subsequent course of his lampworking career we have seen Mauro Bonaventura’s artistic development growing from strength to strength with his life-like figures often encased in intricate network of cages or spheres. He continues to hone his skills and perfect his mastery of the medium of glass to create outstanding and thought provoking art pieces.


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