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Nevena Bentz

“Our need to create is driven by the desire to manifest our subconscious and to give our soul tangible form. Art is nothing but a means to explore and catch a glimpse of our inner space.”

Nevena Bentz was born in 1976, in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. She earned a Master’s degree in international law at the Universite de Bourgogne, France in 1998 as well as a J.D from Texas Tech University in 2003. She practiced law in Texas and lectured at the campus of the American University in Bulgaria for several years before reconnecting with her artistic side.

​Nevena’s current series, “One,” continues the quest for understanding the human condition but widens the aperture from the individual to the collective level. The series examines the unprecedented role of humanity today, as a geological force with planetary impact. As in her earlier work, she continues to play with the notions of fragmentation and duality. She uses mixed media in a process that is uniquely hers and creates an aesthetic that vacillates between the abstract and the figurative. Her work seeks to achieve a harmonious aesthetics where the human form dissolves into Nature’s rich textures and patterns, and the notion of separation gives way to the idea of oneness.

“Ordering the chaos of our fragmented selves is a starting point in our quest for purpose, yearning for wholeness, and our need to make sense of our isolated and seemingly unrelated experiences.”

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