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Nico B.


Being born and raised in picturesque Parma, Italy, Nico dedicates her talent to depicting nature’s most beautiful creations – flowers.

Her larger than life, sculptural paintings are like children: sincere and generous in their openness, innocent and wise in their simplicity.

“They have no mouth, but seem to speak

A thousand words so mild and meek.

They have no feet, but seem to walk

Along with me in my dreams and talk.”   By Pearlyn

Nico developed a unique technique in which the medium has become a substantial and characterizing part of her paintings. Her work begins as a charcoal sketch with the hint of acrylic paint on wooden board. The real magic starts when Nico applies acrylic paste medium with a trowel or spatula, and in some cases adds some natural elements such as sand, stones, shells and plants.

Nico is constantly searching for new material to incorporate into her work. Her discovery and utilization of resins has provided rich embellishment, depth of field, textural juxtaposition, and creative 3D overlays, adding even more appeal to her art. As you approach Nico works, you are taken by infinite details, floating colors, and the three-dimensionality of each element. One can truly get lost in an ocean of creativity, wonder, and emotion.

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