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Robina Yasmin

Robina Yasmin traces her interest in African wildlife to her Kenyan heritage. From an early age, she would explore her home looking for things to create with fabrics, papers, beads, leaves, etc. When she was seven, Robina received a beautiful set of oil paints, and at this time, she first began experimenting with this wonderful medium.

Robina studied at the Cumbria College of Art, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and the Glasgow School of Art. She feels fortunate to have met inspirational tutors who have given her the confidence to bring out the best in her abilities. Robina has been painting professionally for over 17 years. During this time, she developed a distinct style. She paints what she loves and feels that she is tremendously fortunate and humbled that people respond to her art.

Many things inspire Robina, and light is quite possibly the most important source of this inspiration. It serves to bring out the colors, forms and beauty in all things.

Robina admires zebras for their beauty and character. The zebras’ black and white stripes and how light falls onto their bodies defines their forms in such a clear and direct way. She strives to create paintings that are ultimately considered contemporary. Clean lines, strong compositions, clear backgrounds and a narrative that the viewer can relate to.

Robina take hundreds of photographs, if not thousands, when she visits safari parks to capture as much as possible. She studies how zebras behave with one another, their characters and temperaments that define the mood of a herd. She sees many similarities between us and these beautiful animals, particularly when there is a new born around. Often their behavior can give rise to a title that in turn sets a painting in motion.

For Robina working from the right imagery is extremely important. She is a keen photographer and has amassed a large library of images, which she frequently studies. Sometimes she has a title in mind that helps decide her next painting. Robina begins with the background first and then roughly sketch her subject, using diluted oil paint, before applying layers on top. Being able to see the brush strokes as the painting builds up is always a delight for the artist.

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