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Florida through Russian Eyes impressionism exhibit

coral building and tree

Location: Mercato, 9115 Strada Place, #5155

01/11/2021 - 01/25/2021

Florida through Russian Eyes impressionism exhibit of three Russian artists who regularly visit our beloved Naples to capture its coastal splendor: Rustem Stahurski, Dmitri Dobrovolski, and Mikhail Shapovalenko.

Rustem Stahurski is a well-respected impressionist painter. His works are unique in that he does not ponder on philosophical or symbolic meanings but is the pure essence of a plein air painter. Painting strictly from nature, uninfluenced by any concepts contrived by man. His paintings are serene yet colorful full of life and energy. Rustem Stahurski collection of Florida plein air paintings are vibrant captivating the viewer with the charm of nature in the southwest Florida region.

Dimitri Dobrovolski style is indicative of the fragmented colors of stain glass windows. His color palette is brilliant and bold, with brushstrokes and texturization of the same vibrancy.

Mikhail Shapovalenko’s a well-known plein air painter that is fascinated with the ocean and it’s surroundings. From coastal regions of quaint seaside towns to distant horizons he captures the complexity of natures’ water filled playgrounds.