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Frozen Moments exhibit of gravity-defying resin-glass sculptures

dream catcher made from butterflies

Location: Mercato, 9115 Strada Place, #5155

01/26/2021 - 03/09/2021

Frozen Moments exhibit of gravity-defying resin-glass sculptures by the ever inventive Annalu.

Famed Venetian artist is a master illusionist. She creates trees from a thousand tiny butterflies, a waterfall from translucent petals. Annalu’s sculptures capture the urgency of a moving stream, combining seemingly incongruent elements into touchable works of art.

Annalù (Annaluigia Boeretto) was born in San Dona di Piave, Venice, in 1976, lives and works in her home palafitte by the river Piave in Passarella to San Dona di Piave, Venice.

For several years she has been developing a graphic / paint, sculpture and installation work in Italy and abroad. She belongs to that species of artists for whom dominating matter, chemical, physical substances, is part of a wider exploring process, which no doubt involves art, but also the less palpable dimensions of the soul. In her works is a feeling of metamorphosis, of transition, evolution conceived as a journey between different conditions, diverse realities, a spirit of quest sharing some features typical of alchemic science.

The Artist is a disciple of metamorphosis, intent on penetrating the mysteries of creation, able to assemble incongruous elements such as resins and paper, bark and glass wool, bitumen and sand, cement and roots, in order to create new realities, worlds suspended where alchemy is lightness.