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Windmills of my Heart exhibit by Nodar Khokhobashvili

old Italian courtyard with red bougainvillea

Location: Mercato, 9115 Strada Place, #5155

11/08/2020 - 11/22/2020

Windmills of my Heart exhibit by Nodar Khokhobashvili. The outstanding artist from Republic of Georgia creates the most poignant and intimate paintings/carvings on old boards which he recovers from old barns and windmills.

Nodar Khokhobashvili was born in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia in 1957. His obvious talent brought him early recognition both in Tbilisi and Moscow. Nodar mostly paints on board, not “artist board”, but real construction boards: rough and rustic.

Nodar’s art is void of any commercial flair – it’s true and simple. He says that it’s difficult for the artist not to look at his work through the eyes of the buyer. “I have to squeeze it out of my system drop by drop, – he says. – then, after 3-4 hours, something turns on and everything transforms inside of me. Sometime when I finish the work, I can’t believe that I have made it! This is the greatest thrill.”

Nodar thinks that the true artists are always children, and the rest – are just craftsmen of different range: “There are certain rules in painting. Knowing them, one could become a descent painter, but not an artist.  Children, on the other hand, are sincere and create on a subconscious level.”