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Women in Art and Poetry – Reception with Irene Ssanse and Sandy Smyth

Location: Mercato, 9115 Strada Place, #5155


The United Nations declares June 6th as “Russian language” day. Some 250 million people speak Russian world-wide. On this date, Russians celebrate “The Day of Poetry”, commemorating the birthday of the greatest Russian poet – Alexander Pushkin.


It has become a tradition for East West Fine Art to invite all its friends to come and celebrate this day together. The President of Russian House in Naples and official Representative of Irena Ssance in America Alina Brannon is participating in our program.


We dedicate the upcoming event to WOMEN IN POETRY AND ART.


We will have two guests of honor – Irena Ssance and Sandy Smyth.

Irena Ssance is an author of the conceptual poetry and prose, a member of the Pushkin Society in America, of the Union “Writers of the XXI century”, an artist, a musician, an image-maker, and an art-style expert. In 2015, Irena Ssance was nominated for the annual awards of the Russian Writers Union: “The Legacy” (2016) (established by the Russian Imperial House) and “Poet of the Year 2015”. Some specially selected poems will tell you about different facets of a beautiful state and feeling which is love. Some of them have inspired composers and continued their life as romances. The best-known translators have shown all the facets of the bright gift of the poet named Irena Ssance.  As a surprise, Irena will show some of her new paintings as well.


Sandy Smyth is a digital artist. She writes “I love to play with colors and enjoy painting digital abstracts, tropical landscapes and people’s faces – especially women’s faces. I used to paint with hand-held brushes and acrylics, or with oil crayons and torn paper, but now prefer this exciting digital medium. As an undergraduate, I majored in Art and was an Art teacher for several years. My graduate degrees, however, are in Religious Studies. For me, creativity is a spiritual practice. I feel the Spirit as movement in everything I paint.”

Sandy will present her new collection of portraits of women she has encountered, who ignite her imagination. Works of other women-artists will be on display at our gallery.


What: Women in Art and Poetry

Where: East West Fine Art, Bigham Galleria

2425 Tamiami Tr. N.

When: Wednesday, June 6, 6 pm.


Special wine and refreshments will be kindly served by Alina Brennon. Please, come, bring your beautiful selves, put on your gorgeous dresses and don’t forget your captivating smiles! As usual, we intend to have a beautiful time!