Hanakotoba  – The Secret Language of Flowers

Natalia Litosova paints Flowers that Talk

Hanakotoba, the ancient Japanese language of flowers, is a custom in which people attach symbolic meaning to flowers to express feelings and thoughts without the use of words. Deeply rooted in Japanese culture, this poetic art style emphasizes the importance of nature and its connection to human emotions. It has been used to convey thoughts and feelings in a variety of expressive mediums, including literature, painting, and ikebana.

The Crimean Artist Natalia Litosova dedicated her new collection to flowers. We recognize all these flowers, but for the very first time, we will hear them speak.

Natalia conveys that each flower has a special meaning, often related to its physical characteristics, flowering season, or cultural connections. The meaning of the flower can also change depending on its hue or the environment in which it is displayed.

Let’s listen to what Natalia’s flowers say to us:


According to Japanese tradition, orchids give wealth and abundance. The tender orchid aroma is so alluring that it is included in many perfumes. The vanilla extract we know so well, used in all baked goods and sweets, is derived from the vanilla orchid.

Iris Flower

In Japanese culture, the iris flower symbolizes adoration, bravery, and optimism. It is a versatile flower that comes in a wide variety of shades, and its beauty never fails to attract people’s attention. In addition, the iris flower plays a key role in Japanese mythology and is often depicted in literature and art, demonstrating the historical and cultural significance of the flower.


In Japanese culture, wisteria is a beautiful climbing plant that symbolizes greatness, passion, and eternal beauty. This flower is prized for the cascading flowers, often hung from the ceiling that symbolize the beauty and elegance of the samurai character.

Natalia is convinced that understanding flowers allows us to communicate with each other in the language of their symbols. We can give flowers to each other more meaningfully. We can speak their language to make special events more significant and beautiful. Through flowers we can subtly and gracefully express our feelings and intentions.

Natalia Litosova’s floral masterpieces are available in both East West Fine Art gallery locations: Downtown at 472 5th Ave S., and in Mercato at 9118 Strada Pl. Unit 8130.