Program Details

Boost your Art Career with Art Marketing Online

The aim of East West Fine Art marketing efforts is to help artists grow their art careers by facilitating the connection between artists and collectors. We achieve this by introducing collectors to artwork through:

(1) ARTSY global online art gallery platform

(2) Artist Studios online art gallery 

(3) Personal art strategy consultation

Artist Studios / ARTSY: A Smart Marketing Strategy for Boosting your Art Career

  • Expose your art to East West Fine Art’s 22 year growing collector base. Selling art is the objective of our marketing efforts. We reach our goals by:

(1) generating leads with our Naples locations and our website,

(2) encouraging buyers and prospective art collectors to visit Artist Studios and ARTSY online to see our full inventory of art, and

(3) maintaining contact with clients and prospective leads through print, television, and email newsletters sent to 5,000 plus clients

  • Achieve international recognition by the mere fact of being associated with our world-renowned gallery. We have over 22 years of experience and a solid reputation as a prime source of fine art.
  • Become searchable – it is difficult to find individual artist studios, but easy to find our gallery. This way you will gain exposure to the whole world of art collectors.
  • Gain exposure – it is imperative for an artist to have gallery representation to reach the ARTSY global market of art buyers though association with East West Fine Art.
  • Learn from our professional advice and insider knowledge of the art market.

Your $750 Artist Studios / ARTSY Account Includes

  • 1-year membership
  • Artwork Listed on the Artist Studios site and ARTSY
  • Link to Artist’s Personal Website on Artist Studios
  • 30-minute consultation with our Gallery Director regarding your market strategy

Please note, EWFA waives all liability for quality, packaging, and delivery of art to the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of artwork do you accept?
We accept all two and three-dimensional artwork, including, paintings, digital art, sculpture…

How many art pieces should I present to you?
Please select up to 10 images, descriptions, and pricing, along with your artist bio, and contact info.

What is the gallery commission rate?

The Artist determines with the Gallery the minimum price to be received by the Artist and authorizes the Gallery to add, to the aforementioned price, 30% as a commission to be received by the Gallery. For Online sales, the aforementioned percentage may vary according to the commissions defined by the ARTSY platform (currently around 30%) on top of the 30% gallery commission.

If a collector sees my work on Artist Studios and commissions me to create a work, or buys a work directly from me, how do I remit EWFA commission to EWFA?
Upon completion of the sale, you may remit the commission to EWFA via check or PayPal.

May I display art I show through EWFA at other venues?
Absolutely. If you sell a piece through another venue, simply ask us to remove it from your Artist Studios page. If we don’t see a commission from you, we’ll assume you sold it without our help.

Who is responsible for monitoring transactions between Artists and Clients in Artist Studios / ARTSY?
East West Fine Art is responsible for collecting payment from clients. The gallery waives the responsibility for any issues concerning packing, insuring, and delivering the art from artist’s studio to client’s home, as well as actual physical condition of the artwork, frame, or any other art related packaging or accessories.


By applying to show your work with East West Fine Art, you certify that you are the creator and copyright holder of submitted artwork, or that you are the authorized representative of the creator and copyright holder.

You retain all copyright to the images shown via East West Fine Art, but you authorize EWFA to use the images to promote your work on the site, in newsletters and other promotional materials.

EWFA reserves the right to change the terms of our agreement to show your work on our site at any time. You have the right to cancel your account at any time. Annual membership dues are nonrefundable.

Should you have any questions about becoming a member, or any other aspect of Artist Studios / ARTSY, please e-mail