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Urban Flair

Location: Mercato, 9115 Strada Place, #5155

05/15/2024 - 05/29/2024

Urban Flair exhibit of colorful collage-like depictions of the most beautiful cities of the world by Victor Colesnicenco.

Excerpt from interview with the artist in North Naples News, April 2022 edition.

LA: Most of your artworks are paintings of various cities: large and small, American, and European. You make them look warm and cozy and somewhat romantic. Why does this theme attract you?

VC: I am trying to run from reality, chaos cities, places and to make my own imaginary, dream city and romantic places. I am willing to see happiness in my plot staging.

LA: Your paintings are filled with nostalgia for the lifestyle of 50’s and 60’s. What do you like about this era?

VC: I like to be in this time of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s- it was the most romantic time. I was inspired by watching these movies and I wish I could live in this era, to live a simple life in renaissance time after the second world war.